Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Funny Day in History

It's the birthday of one-half of that comedic duo, Abbott and Costello. "Bud" Abbott was born on this day in 1897. As a child I fondly remember their movies (in re-runs on tv, people, I am NOT that old!), but have as an adult discovered that they were really good on radio. The smallfry and I have been listening to a cd collection of A & C on radio shows from the 1940's (of course!) and I laugh so hard I can barely see. Not a good thing, since I'm the one driving!!

It's also the birthday of Julius Henry Marx, known and loved as Groucho.

And it's the anniversary of Johnny Carson taking over the desk at the Tonight Show.

Is it just me, or is all that enough to declare today some sort of national holiday?


Dale said...

Hi Tamara,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I sure hope I don't get Second Sock Syndrome. I'll watch out for any symptoms. ;)

I LOVE Abbott & Costello! I grew up watching them on tv too, and they always made me happy. I wanted my children to enjoy them also. I have all their movies on DVD, except for the few they made when their movie studio let them appear in a different studio's films. Last I checked, that other studio hadn't released them on DVD yet. I enjoyed watching your movie clip. Thanks for the smile. :)

daddyo said...

Thanks for the clip. I followed the Johnny Carson link to some funny clips too. I forgot how funny he could be at times.