Tuesday, August 22, 2006

She passed her test!

I'm so proud I could burst! This last weekend, my 9 yo daughter passed her very first evaluation for Cecchetti. In my own limited ballet training, many moons ago, I only vaguely remember hearing of such things as different techniques. It's all so much more complicated than I originally thought--and ain't that just like life? Anyway, the kid has passed her Level I test and her mama is proud. I'm so happy to see her work hard toward a goal and achieve it. It's not the same as doing well in a performance or recital--which of course she has done many times. It's the individual nature of the evaluation, proving to her (and me) that she worked hard and succeeded.

Way to go, Red! You're my Dancerina!

A side note---it was during her evaluation that a good friend described my knitting as "compulsive". I immediately pointed out that while driving, I only knit when the traffic is stop-and-go (Palmetto Driving). This defensiveness stems from my thinking of compulsive as neurotic or uncontrollable. Rather, I will accept obsessive, passionate or enthusiastic as apt descriptions of my habit, I mean hobby. At least so long as it remains a healthy pursuit... If I ever have a closet that won't close due to the incredibly large stash of yarn therein, I will seek help. I promise. :)

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