Friday, January 06, 2012

Another New Year Is Upon Us

This surely is one sad little blog. I feel so bad for it. It's been my companion for years, always ready and waiting. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's even well-written. Lately it's just been neglected by that upstart KnitOasis blog.

I realized today, as I came back to look for my post about Epiphany, that I really really like this blog. I like the layout and the colors and (most of) the things I've written.

I also realized, looking at my New Year's resolutions for 2011, that the fulfillment of one of them ("Teach more people to knit.") has led to the virtual abandonment of this blog. Why? Because the KnitOasis blog is for business, and that's what my focus has been for the last year. I can look back from this January to the last one and say WOW! I have definitely come farther in the "Teach more people to knit" plan than I ever thought possible. I now freelance with knitting workshops at The Charleston Museum on a regular basis and teach knitting classes at Michael's craft store. Who woulda thunk it?

My success in the knitting instructor portion of my life has come at a cost, apparently: the neglect of my writing just for writing's sake, and, by extension, this blog. Getting a career off the ground takes focus, time, money and energy--lots of each! But I have not forgotten that I was a writer (of debatable ability, I'll admit) long before I learned to knit, and eventually we all must return to our roots and to our true selves.

Maybe that can be one of this year's write more. Sure, there's not a lot of time to spare in my crazy busy life. I wear an awful lot of hats: wife, mom, homeschool instructor, friend, parishioner, chauffeur, cook, housecleaner, AND knitting instructor. They say, though, that when you try hard enough, you can make time, especially if all you need is a few minutes out of a day. It also helps if you're motivated, or trying to return to your roots. Or both.

Here's to a happy and prosperous New Year, no matter what your goals.

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dahubby said...

love it when you write..