Saturday, July 12, 2008

Are my eyes really brown?

Over the years, I find I've become increasingly less political. Sometimes I'd rather just "tend to my knitting", if you know what I mean. But, this is an election year---it feels more like an election DECADE---and it seems that most everyone is endorsing one side or the other.

Although I was tempted to put bumper stickers representing candidates from both sides of the aisle on my vehicle, they started dropping out of the race at alarming rate, and it wasn't funny anymore.

So, after having examined the various candidates and their qualifications, such as they are, it is time to decide. Without further ado (mostly because JrBravesFanatic would like to go to Webkinz world now, please) here is candidate " what we give" endorses for 2008:

"I stick my neck out for nobody."


dahubby said...

you have saved me from nights of tossing and turning trying to figure out who will be my write in candidate. You're the best!

Dale said...

ha....Sounds like a good plan to me!