Friday, June 27, 2008

Peer Pressure

I am surrounded by people knitting lace, mostly scarves, both in the real and virtual worlds of knitting. There's the beautiful, popular Lace Ribbon Scarf, the Mist Lace Scarf, and the
Feather and Fan. I felt myself crumbling to the peer pressure, and after a few false starts am 51 rows into the Lace Ribbon scarf. Here are some things I've learned:

1) I can read a chart! I finally figured it out! Go me!

2) The row counter is my friend.

3) The life-line is my other friend.

4) I can't knit lace if there are human beings around--they will inevitably ask a question, fuss at their sibling or make some sort of distracting sound, necessitating the use of #3.

5) While the yarn I'm using has beauty that will be almost impossible to truly capture in a photo, it's 100% merino wool and it's summer in South Carolina. It makes my hands hot just contemplate.

6) There's a reason this is a popular pattern (1300+ Ravelry-ites and counting). It's gorgeous. Even when I do it.


Keowdie said...

COngratulations on your successful wip! I've tried - and failed - to knit lace three times. I'm sure I'll figure it out sooner or later... I'm glad you've figured it out sooner (rather than later)!!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

You go! If any pattern will convert you to a lace loving knitter, its this one (it took me about 3 full repeats to have it memorized--slow learner--but then the fun really began).

Dale said...

Looks great!

rebecca said...

Thinking of you.


Kate said...

Your knitting tips were great! I'm new to knitting and am always looking for sites to help me. I wanted to pass along a site I found that has how to videos that give knitting tips. I'm not sure if you're interested in how to videos, but I found these useful when I was just starting out.