Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nine step program for miter addicts

This is what happens when you try to wean yourself off of making miters. I had to do something miter-ish when I finished the fabulous Mitered Bag.

Thanks to the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog, I found these Ninepatch dishrags to ease me back into miter-less knitting. It only took three of them to accomplish that! At least temporarily, as I'm planning some miter-ing for Christmas gifts. Shhhh....!

This last one I'm keeping per Da Hubby's request for more autumnal-colored dishcloths. What is up with that green square?

1 comment:

SuperCraftyDancerGirl: ) said...

Hmmmm.....Green square?? well probably
because OF THE HUMIDITY!?!?!