Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mitered bag, ready for action

Here's Tulip helping with the pre-join layout. I think she likes it!
Then came acres of garter stitch for the gusset and bottom. I did a Fibonacci stripey pattern, which turned out good but was so very tedious in process.

And here's SuperCraftyDancerGirl cutting out lining. If it weren't for her, well, let's just say, lining, what lining?!? And we put in two pockets. BECAUSE WE CAN!! If Mommy had had more patience, there would be more pockets, but this was becoming a l-o-n-g project by then, especially after all that 45" of gusset...

Clarence thinks he was the inspiration for the color scheme. I let him think that.

I had intended originally to have a more structured construction, but once I put the gusset on, I really liked the shape it gave it. The benefit of making it up as you go along!

Once I had started the project (aka total obsession), I found a felted bag with miters and a stripey gusset in the book Bags: A Knitter's Dozen. That's where I got the idea for the border around the top. And of course the miters I used are Mason-Dixon, all the way.

So if you'll excuse me, I'm off to transfer my knitting to my fabulous new knitted miter bag!


SuperCraftyDancerGirl: ) said...

Great job Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SuperCraftyDancerGirl: ) said...

Hi Clarence

puggyknits said...

Ms. Tamara...
Way cool bag! Way cool blog, too!
I am especially fond of your June 1 post about things you planned to do this summer...talking like a pirate is good, as is taking a water cannon to backyard vermin...not bad, funny sister, not bad! Oh, by the way - Father Tim is my hero, and although I was hurt that Cynthia got to him before I did, I think they are a great couple. Oh, and I love the 20's and 30's for both music and film... and although I have a couple of Mel's CD's, Dean Martin will always make my head swim and my heart skip a beat. Hope your summer was as fun as you planned!

TeaMouse said...

I love that bag - I've never done mitred knitting but that may get me thinking of giving it a try - that is amazing!