Monday, August 20, 2007

On predatory invertebrates...

Today we named a spider. What? You don't NAME spiders at your house?? Well, normally we don't either, but when a spider is a spider like Raoul, ya just gotta give him a name. Here's what I can NOT tell you about Raoul: his species, his ancestry, whether he should have had a more feminine name, or anything even faintly entomological about him.

Here's what I CAN tell you about him:
1)He's a survivor--when Da Hubby went out one night last week to rid us of the plague of enormous, web-spinning invaders, he left one since we insisted they eat mosquitoes.
2)He's quite large. Not NFL player large, more like varsity offensive lineman large.
3)He's industrious--starting with nothing, he can have a full web spun overnight.
4)He's got a sense of humor--he sometimes spins his web across the porch so that we walk right through it when going from the front door to the car.
5)He's got a name: Raoul. It's what Tulip the cat says sometimes, and somehow she gave the winning entry in the name the spider contest. Go figure.

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MaƂgosia, a knitting pro said...

This makes me think of a little weevil I used to share my ex flat with. His name was Manel, although for all I could tell he might well have been a "she"