Friday, July 20, 2007

Christmas in July

My son came lugging this lumpy padded envelope in from the mail box and honestly, for some reason I thought to myself, "looks like trouble". Now is that a glass-half-empty attitude or what?? Well, regardless of what I thought, I was WRONG! It was a lovely surprise from my lovely friend Becky. All I did was mention on her blog that I was supremely jealous that she would be attending the Stitch N' Pitch at the Braves game. And now the girl's gone and sent me the goody bag! It's enough to change my outlook on incoming mail.

Naturally my son the Braves fanatic has claimed the bag, and I thought the lime green needles would be especially appreciated by my daughter, who adores lime green. Of course, like many knit junkies, we do share needles...

Thank you so much, dear friend, for making my day!! You rock!

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