Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Onward to 2010

Bob Costas called and said he's got jetlag, so I've got to do my own Ravelympic update.

SuperCraftyDancerGirl brought home 4 medals in 3 events. You've seen her performance in the Free-For-All Freestyle and one from WIP's Wrestling. Here's another WIPs Wrestling

and one HatDash:
In addition to my WIPs Wrestling medal for the Shawl to end all Shawls, I got one for this Springy scarf:

And this little retro number won me a medal in the Home Stuff Hammerthrow:

And lastly, Ravelympic gold in the Scarf Stroke:

Now, in addition to waiting for our endorsement deals, we're gearing up for Top Secret Christmas knitting. Which is a real stretch at the end of August when the heat index is 91 degrees at 9 am.


Melissa Marsh said...

I want those slippers! They look SO cozy for a cold winter's night.

dahubby said...

Congratulations to super crafty and hot mamma on all the medals!