Monday, August 11, 2008

First across the finish line... SuperCraftyDancerGirl, with her very own pair of fingerless gloves made from her very own pattern. She's made some for friends, but this pair was for her, and it was the first completed Ravelympics event in our household.

Now she and I both are remembering why our other projects
had been languishing unfinished for so long. Let's just say we are living illustrations of slogging. Ravelympics spirit and determination are strong, though, so expect to see completed projects in a few days!

Here is her first medal:

And I'm surprised at how pleased I am to hear things like this from JrBravesFanatic:

"Mom, did you know it's almost 1:00 am in Beijing?"
"Hey, does anyone know where the other badminton racket is?"
"Have you seen my archery target?"

Ahh... Olympics!

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