Monday, July 28, 2008

Five more

Five More Easy Rules for Complicating the Simplest of Endeavors:

1) Find a dozen other "must knit now" patterns while I'm working on a big project. Can you say, short attention span? Did you know that if I follow the original pattern, my The Geese, They Are A-Flyin' Afghan will consist of 306 tiny triangles? I did that math in my head, then checked it with a calculator when the number came out so large.


2) Get through the check-out line at Publix and realize I forgot sliced turkey. Do I leave everything and run back to the deli, risking the ire of those waiting in line behind me? Or do I come back another day, knowing full well that it's too hot to get back out and run another errand, and what will probably happen is that lunches will consist of whatever we can scrape together from the pantry and fridge for the next week? Yep, I chose the road less traveled and now we're out of corn dogs, too.

3) Plan a pool or beach outing and it doesn't rain, it monsoons. Is that a verb? SuperCraftyDancerGirl sent me a long list of "you know you're from South Carolina when..." and this was on it: You have actually uttered the phrase "It's too hot to go to the pool".
And I honestly thought--you mean everyone doesn't say that??

4) Clean up after geriatric cats. Yes, animal lovers, I know they are worth the effort, but Clarence the Well Advanced in Years can make some serious messes. Often.

5) Be reminded that I never had a banana seat on my bicycle as a child. Thanks, Kay! You, too, Jani!

6) Land on a blog and find out that I not only missed entering the contest, but the prize was a LIFE-TIME SUPPLY OF YARN AND NEEDLES! Oh, the humanity!

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