Friday, June 20, 2008

Dish cloths and wash cloths and bags, oh my!

Here's one for me and my kitchen:

I don't know why, but Log Cabin knitting is so soothing.

And here's one for daHubby:


These guys were subconsciously adapted from the Big Bad Baby Blanket pattern, pix of which can be seen here, and daHubby's was finished on WWKiP Day.

And then there's this one that turned out too long:


And then there are the bags...both from the Elisa's Nest pattern:



Both bags have found homes elsewhere, so I'm knitting one for myself--slowly!


Keowdie said...

Cute bags... I'll have to get that pattern.

I know what you mean about the log cabin. It's so calming.

startare said...

Just looove the bags!especially the rainbow-coloured one.

g-girl said...

thanks for stopping by and commenting on the bibs I made for my niece! I absolutely LOVE your log cabin cloth. I can't get that design down very well. The bags are so cool!! I'm going to have to make a few now. ;)

dahubby said...

it is great to be me and get luxurious wash cloths. Keep on knitting!