Monday, April 21, 2008


It was a beautiful weekend to be in Asheville. The mountains were at their mountainous best after a bit of rain. "Bad Fork"??? It looks good to me!
Truly gorgeous!

The Grove Arcade was a lovely combination of great architecture and cool shops.

And then there's the "souvenir" yarn---some from the Arcade's Asheville Homecrafts, and some from the aptly named Yarn Paradise. Thanks to Heather for blogging about Asheville Homecrafts---otherwise we'd have missed it and the Arcade.

Thanks to DaHubby for schlepping to not one but two yarn shops on our weekend getaway! There are more socks in your future :)


SuperCraftyDancerGirl said...

The "Debbie Bliss" is sweet!!!!
Thank you Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love u lots,

daddyo said...

my pleasure shopping with you! Cant wait for more socks.