Thursday, April 03, 2008

Abstract Mitered Baby Blanket

What you see here is the result of a group effort. SuperCraftyDancerGirl designed the layout after I said I wanted to make this a mitered production, and JrBravesFanatic and I knitted it.

Oh, and Tulip the cat gave it the occasional bathing, too. (Eww!)

The decision about whether to put on a backing or not has not been firmly made at this time...

added 4/15/08:
Ok, I've woven in all the millions of ends, and the back is no longer offensive to me. So I think I'll just leave it. SuperCraftyDancerGirl says it looks good, and since she's my official style consultant, it must be ok!


startare said...

Very pretty; congratulations on the joint effort.

rebecca said...

Well done! Tell the kiddos I like their work! (You, too.)

Hope your birthday was a good one!