Friday, February 22, 2008

Another Bad Joke Friday

The last Bad Joke Friday was such fun, especially the contributions of Becky and Dale, that I decided to have another one!


Did you hear the one about the botanist who was trying to research some details about a particular kind of fern? He sent a request to all his colleagues, asking them to send him any information they had about it.

Unfortunately, he didn't word his request very well, and all the botanists he'd contacted thought he was looking for details about any ferns, rather than just the one species. So within just a few hours of sending it out, his fax machine was buzzing with piles of useless documents about all kinds of ferns - there were tree ferns and wood ferns, ostrich ferns and cinnamon ferns... but very few about the particular type he wanted.

So he sent another message to everyone:

If it ain't bracken, don't fax it.


Q: Why is a trumpet player like an Egyptian Ruler?
A: They have their Tutankhamen.


Q: What's a mummy's favorite type of music?
A: Wrap.


Dale said...

Ouch...That first one was extra bad. haha

Glad you liked mine. It's the only one I ever remember! I'm a one joke wonder.

da hubby said...

what kind of dance do you do on a trampoline?
hip hop