Monday, November 26, 2007

There's winning, and there's winning...

Well, it's official: I did NOT win the Cat Sweater contest sponsored by Crazy Aunt Purl. It's a shame, too, since 1) The grand prize sounded wonderful, and 2) We had to wake Clarence up to put the sweater on him. Oh, well!

And I had a couple of thoughts about chillen's today. I was watching JrBravesFanatic playing ball in the backyard when a large airplane flew overhead. He stopped what he was doing and looked to see what kind of plane it was, and I thought, that must be what it means to have a boy: someone I can count on to stop and look at passing airplanes. And, since I try to be a fair kind of Mom, (hehe) I must add that having a girl around means someone I can count on to help me shop for clothes, and really feel comfortable telling me, "Mom you do NOT want to buy that pair of pants! Ewwww!!"

Just a couple of examples--there are really so many more reasons why having these kiddoes around is a great thing. It makes me feel like a WIN-AH!

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startare said...

Your Clarence looked a darling in purple. Reminded me of our Plume that walked off a few weeks back and never returned.
But don't believe everything your daughter tells you about the clothes you should wear; still, before a party, I always rely on my "style counsultant" to help me choose between two options (usually black or black)