Friday, October 26, 2007

World Series Angst

I like happy endings. I know we live in a real world, a fallen world even, and happy endings don't always happen. But, still, I prefer them.

Which is why I'm experiencing World Series Angst right now. You see, DaHubby is a Red Sox fan from way back when, so naturally he's pulling for Boston. And well, though I hail from the Lone Star state (aka God's country), I was actually born in Colorado and as such have always felt a certain fondness for my natal state. Also, rooting for the underdog has long been a tradition in our house (see: "DaHubby is a Red Sox fan from way back when").

Last night I apologized to DaHubby for rooting against his team in the Series, and he assured me that it was ok.

So why the angst? Because Boston leads 2-0 and if I'm going to root for someone, I want to see them WIN, that's why!!!! I mean, have you seen some of these guys? We're talking "old Boston" for sure! What are you whippersnappers on the Rockies doing?? Surely you can beat a bunch of old men like the Red Sox!!

Ok, tirade over.

Go Rockies!!

Edited Monday, 10-29: Well, my Rockies didn't last the weekend, so I guess that, as they say, is that! :(

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da hubby said...

thanks for rooting and being interested no matter who you were pulling for!