Friday, June 01, 2007

It's the first day of June---Time for:

My plans for the summer....

**Catch some Palmetto Bugs and train them to do a circus act

**Meet more of the neighbors---put a car on concrete blocks in the yard and see who drops by first from the home owners association

**Find a way to feel good about the fact that the thought of going camping makes me shudder

**Knit wool sweaters while sitting on the beach, within the path of kids dripping ocean and sand on everything in sight

**Form a support group for those of us who'd rather have dental work than go camping

**Once a week, frantically load bottled water and batteries into a cart at the store, muttering loudly, "Storm's coming... oh dear oh dear... such a big storm...gotta stock up..."

**Begin blogging the minutiae of my day....8 am: Got out bed. 8:05 am: Went to the kitchen 8:06 am: Put kettle on for tea....

**Plan a camping trip for the hottest day of the summer

**Talk like a pirate while in line at the grocery store

**Pick the squirrels off the bird feeder with a super soaker water gun. Laugh maniacally...while talking like a pirate...

**Pull all the grass and leave the weeds. Put up signs that say "Wildflowers: Do Not Mow"


Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to join your support group. Dental work=OK. Camping=NEVER OK (where is the bathroom??)

Covered In Yarn said...

Welcome to The Knitting Path! Ok, I must say your post just made my day, I think that our stars may very well align this summer, in fact, I think I need to go to the supermarket for batteries right now! Arrrgh!