Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Knitting in Public (gasp!)

I think I've crossed some sort of invisible line. Yesterday I went to a RiverDogs game (We won!). My hubby had asked me, the day before, if I'd planned to take my knitting, and I said no, meaning it. Then, yesterday morning, it happened.

I put a skein of cotton yarn and some circular size 8's in my "ballgame purse" (you know the one I mean--it doesn't show dirt, but holds the sunblock, the insect repellent, the handwipes, the game roster, the cell phone, the raisins, etc.). Nothing came of it right away, though. I settled in, chatted with friends, watched the game, had a hot dog.

Then, about the 5th inning, I gave up. I could no longer resist the urge. Out came the yarn to be balled and then knitted into a washcloth. Sigh... My friends didn't blink an eye, just proving that, to them, it was something to be expected from the likes of me. BUT! I've never knitted at a baseball game before. I've tried to be a NORMAL member of society, confining my knitting to the privacy of my own home, my own car, my own daughter's ballet rehearsals. Now this! What's next?

PS: I also recently bought a bag. Not a knitting bag, not a purse, but a sort of briefcase, complete with padded spot for, of all things, a laptop (which I do not own). Why did I buy this bag? Because I NEEDED a way to haul knitting with me and still look like "oh, doesn't she have a nice large handbag?", instead of "what in the world is the woman hauling around?".
Yes, I think the obsession is going to new levels.

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